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Date: 1898
Exterior view of the YWCA building, Providence, R.I.
Date: 1955
Image shows a young girl sitting in grass at the Newport Jazz Festival. The girl…
Date: 1913
Exterior view of the YMCA building, Providence, R.I.
Date: 1930
People gathered at the beach with the Old Casino in the background at…
Date: 1950-09-15
Front and side view of the Mary Angell Young House, a second hand shop at the…
Date: 1872
The Yellow Mill seen from the south on the right side of the river.
Date: 1915
Group of passengers traveling on Old Horse Car driven by a conductor in Block…
Date: 1906
Exterior view of the Old Mill, between Portsmouth and Newport, R.I.
Date: 1907
Exterior view of Old Robinson House, Saunderstown, R.I.
Date: 1909
Rear view of Union Mill, showing Old Sayles Cemetery in Pascoag, R.I.
Date: 1916
Image of the yard of a residential building. Shrubbery grows against the house,…
Date: 1930
Image shows the launching of the Yankee in 1930. Sailors stand on deck in…