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Portrait of a baby. The baby wears a locket and floral printed smock.
Portrait of a child dressed for First Communion. She is seated on a bench and…
Portrait of a young man. The photograph is signed "Sincerely Ed, 35"
Date: 1897-11-03
Letter to an unknown recipient. Stamped 'Presidencia, Republica de Filipinas.'
Tintype shows the Old Stone Mill in Newport, RI. A short fence surrounds the…
Date: 1868-01-07
Concerns sales of his American biographical and historical dictionary.
Date: 1664-04-04
Letter to an unknown recipient. Statement of debt.
Front and side view of the Betsy Williams Cottage, behind a large sycamore tree.
Date: 1933-08-04
Image shows Moshassuck Valley Railroad locomotive, number 6 in Lincoln, RI.
Date: 1869
Image shows people standing along fence in front of Dexter Asylum. Image is a
Date: 1915
Exterior view of the State House, 1850, Newport, R.I.
Date: 1915
People and carriages on Bellevue Avenue, 1850, Newport, R.I.