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Aerial View of Lincoln Park Dog Track
  • Aerial View of Lincoln Park Dog Track
  • Aerial photographs, Aerial views, Dog racing, Racetracks, Snow, Winter
  • Aerial view showing the Lincoln Park Dog Track and surrounding parking lot. Light snow blankets the ground, top of building and the dog track.
U.S. Navy Shore Patrol
  • Automobiles, Dogs, Police
  • Image shows a U.S. Navy Shore Patrol officer petting a dog. The dog is sitting with another Shore Patrol officer in a U.S. Navy vehicle.
Jail Yard
  • Dogs, Cows, Jails, Men
  • Image shows a man, dog and cow standing in jail yard.
Pratt House
  • Dogs, Houses, Stores & shops
  • Image shows the Pratt house at the corners of Spring and Church Streets. A dog stands on corner in foreground.
Ida Lewis, Tom, Rudolph and two unidentified women
  • Dogs, Group portraits, Lighthouse keepers, Portraits
  • Group portrait of Ida Lewis (center) with Tom, her brother Rudolph, and two unidentified women. Lewis has her hand on a lying dog, another dog sits next to one of the men.
Flat Iron Corner, Church & Thames St
  • Dogs, Stores & shops, Streets
  • Image shows a dog urinating on a utility pole at the corner of Church and Thames. Two figures are walking on sidewalk near dog and both are holding their hats. Shops along Thames are in background.
Pawtuxet River
  • Portrait of a woman sitting in a rowboat with a dog on the Pawtuxet River.
Page 89, Cranston
  • Dogs, Fireplaces, Flower arrangements < Decorations < Objects, Furnishings, Mantels, People
  • Clipping of Mrs. Robert Lippitt Knight arranging flowers in her living room while her dog looks on
Old House near Atlantic House
  • Clapboard siding, Dogs, Fences, Houses
  • Image shows four men and a dog standing in front of house. One man leans against the picket fence in front of house. Another group of figures stand in front of a small building in center right of photograph.
Old Library Building; Thames Street, East side between Pelham &amp; Mill Streets
  • Dogs, Infants, Libraries, Stores & shops, Women
  • Image shows storefronts on Thames street including the People's Library and a blank book store. Two women stand on sidewalk looking at a baby. A dog lays next to them.
St. Michael&#039;s School, Rhode Island Ave, Newport
  • Construction, Construction workers, Dogs, Private Schools, Schools
  • Image shows construction on the St. Michael's School. Construction workers are visible on balconies. A dog sits on the construction site in foreground.
Junction of Cross, Thames &amp; Bridge Street, Newport
  • Dogs, Houses, Stores & shops
  • Image shows a house with an attached storefront facing Cross Street. " J.G. Johnson" is painted above the shop door. A dog stands in foreground right of photograph.