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Cole Farm
  • Cole Farm
  • Buildings, Dirt roads, Farms
  • View of road leading to Cole Farm. A barn is seen in the background.
Cole Farm
  • Cole Farm
  • Agricultural equipment, Farms
  • View of a well, grindstone, and fence under a tree at Cole Farm.
Big Oak Farm
  • Big Oak Farm
  • Agricultural facilities, Farms
  • A barn, outdoor structures, and equipment at Big Oak Farm.
Smith's Dairy Farm, No. Scituate, R.I.
  • Smith's Dairy Farm, No. Scituate, R.I.
  • Buildings, Dairy farming, Farms, Stone walls
  • View of Smith's Dairy Farm, North Scituate, R.I.
Farmland (Item)
  • Farming, Farms, Tractors, Trucks
  • Image shows two farmers driving tractors on a farm. A dump truck is in the right of photograph.
Farm (Item)
  • Farm
  • Farms, Mountains, Views
Unidentified farm with windmill
  • Unidentified farm with windmill
  • Farms, Fences, Railroad cars, Windmills
  • Stereocard of a farm captured from a distance. The image features portions of the land fenced, a windmill, and in the background is a train car traveling past.
Oakland Farm, Barn Exterior, Portsmouth
  • Oakland Farm, Barn Exterior, Portsmouth
  • Barns, Farms
  • Image shows the exterior of the Barn of the Vanderbilt's Oakland Farm. The barn has two round towers on either side of building.
Casey Farm House
  • Casey Farm House
  • Barns, Farms, Stone walls
  • View from a stone wall surrounding a field of Casey Farm, showing the farmhouse and barns.
Farm (Item)
  • Farm
  • Image shows a view of a farm. A stream leads from a body of water in the foreground, behind a large tree. A farm and fields are visible in the background.
Lawton's Valley, Portsmouth; Site of Poor Farm, now Raytheon Plant
  • Lawton's Valley, Portsmouth; Site of Poor Farm, now Raytheon Plant
  • Farms
  • Image shows Poor Farm, now the site of the Raytheon plant. A body of water is in foreground with the farm in background.
Locust Hill Farm
  • Locust Hill Farm
  • Farms, Historic buildings, Winter
  • "Locust Hill Farm" - near Barton's Corner - owned by [Mr. F. G.] Shippee
  • View from across a snow covered field of a house and outbuildings at Locust Hill Farm.