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SS Commonwealth - Fall River Line
  • Boats, Helms, Ships, Steamboats
  • Image shows two ship's wheels, part of the helm of the SS Commonwealth.
Mount Hope (Steamer)
  • Boats, Helms, Ships, Steamboats
Page 468, South Kingstown
  • Helme, Bernon E.
  • Clipping with photograph describing Helme House (1802), home of the South County Art Association
Harold S. Vanderbilt
  • Helms, Men, Sailboats, Sailors, Yacht racing
  • Image shows Harold S. Vanderbilt standing at the helm of a yacht. A sail is behind him to the left.
Club Mediterranee; racing yacht
  • Alain Colas, winner of the 1972 Observer Singlehanded Transatlantic Race, stands at the helm of his new racing yacht, "Club Mediterranee". The 236-foot, four-masted schooner is the largest ship of its kind in the world.
  • Image shows Alain Colas at the helm of the yacht "Club Mediterranee".
Endeavour II, Deck scene, Capt. Williams at wheel
  • Helms, Sailboats, Sailors, Ship captains Yacht racing, Yachts
  • Image shows sailors on board the Endeavour II during the America's Cup race. In foreground two sailors lay across deck, in ceter, Captain Williams stands at the helm. two ships can are in the water in the background.
The Madalan in Prov. Harbor
  • Boats, Helms
Commonwealth - Interior
  • Boats, Helms, Interiors, Ship captains, Ships, Steamboats
SS Commonwealth - Pilot House
  • Boats, Helms, Interiors, Ships, Steamboats
Mount Hope
  • Image shows the helm of the SS Mount Hope. The SS Mount Hope is docked at a wharf in an industrial area.
Gretel II (crew) Australian contender in America's Cup Race
  • Boats, Flags, Helms, Sailors, Sailboats, Yachts, Yacht racing
979 Newburyport 1901 Riverside 1910 line to Crescent Park
  • Image of a trolley car with a sign, "Pawtucket & East Providence" on the front of the car, and "Crescent Park" as the placard a top the driver. A conductor is at the helm, and several passengers are in seats and standing alongside.