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Page 14, Barrington
  • Houses, Trees, Yards
  • Images of two houses, Nathaniel Heath House and a house on Wampanoag Trail
Page 141, Division Street
  • Brickwork, Cars, Court houses, Government buildings, Houses, Telephone Poles, Trees, Yards
  • Photographs of the Kent County Court House, the Brick House on Main Street, and the house located at 10 Division Street
Page 218, Lincoln
  • Fences, Meeting houses, Quaker meeting houses, Trees, Yards
  • Photograph of the Friends Meeting House in Saylesville
Page 230
Page 230 (Item)
  • Houses, Trees, Yards
  • Sketch of the Mathurin Ballou House in Saylesville, in the same settlement as the Arnold Houses
Page 127, Division Street
  • Clock towers, Court houses, Government buildings, Houses, Spires, Steeples, Telephone lines, Town halls, Trees, Windmills
  • Clippings of photographs of the historic Court House, the Town Hall tower, and the Windmill House on Division Street
Page 244, Shaw Road; Great West Road; South Shore Road
  • Bushes, Cars, Houses, Stone walls, Trees, Yards
  • Photographs of the Briggs-Coombs House, the Simon Rouse House, and Ocean-Born Mary House
Page 101, Bridge Street
  • Houses, Roads, Telephone lines, Telephone Poles
  • Exterior of a house located at 12-14 Bridge Street
Page 153, Pleasant Street
  • Houses, Trees, Yards
  • Photographs of Bridgham Houses on Pleasant Street
Page 170, Putnam Avenue;
  • Fences, Houses, Stone walls, Trees, Yards
  • Photographs of houses on Putnam Avenue in Chepachet and Harmony
Page 171, Abraham Hill Road
  • Houses, People, Trees, Yards
  • Photographs of a house in Chepachet and Huddy, on Abraham Hill Road
Page 178, Hopkinton
  • Houses, Stone walls, Trees, Yards
  • Postcard of the home of Prudence Crandall and a house in
Page 1, Barrington
  • Houses, People, Trees, Yards
  • Two images of Martin House, 1708, one featuring man with cane in front yard.