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Unidentified house
  • Unidentified house
  • Houses, Stone walls, Streets, Utility poles
  • Image of the front of an unidentified house. There are no adjacent houses. A utility pole is installed to the left of house. A stone wall and walkway are also to the left of the house.
House with fence
  • House with fence
  • Houses, Fences, Streets
  • Image featuring a house with a columned front porch. In front of the house is a fence with two stone posts.
Front of house
  • Front of house
  • Houses, Lawns, Porches
  • Image of a front of a house. The house is two-toned, with a darker color on the second level exterior. Three steps lead up to a porch, on which is a tall pole and possibly a plant.
House obscured by tree
  • House obscured by tree
  • Houses, Lawns, Trees
  • Image of the front of a house that is mostly obscured by a tree. The front porch is visible, as is a portion of the right side of the house.
Family standing outside a house
  • Family standing outside a house
  • Houses, Infants, Men, Women, Children
  • A man and a woman with a child and baby stand outside a house or meetinghouse on the front walk. A man with a white beard stands on the stoop.
House with front porch
  • House with front porch
  • Front porches, Houses, Trees
  • Three quarter image of a house with a large front porch. A young tree is in the forefront of the image.
  • Fences, Landscapes (Representations), Houses, Trees, Stone walls
  • A landscape featuring an open field with a stone wall and fence around the perimeter. In the mid-ground are several houses.
Group portrait on front steps
  • Group portraits, Houses, Stoops, Windows, Vines
  • Three boys and two women sitting on the front porch and steps of an unidentified house. The front porch is covered in a leafy climbing plant.
Tree with utility pole
  • Buildings, Houses, Stone walls, Tree, Utility poles
  • Image of tree without leaves atop a grassy area above a stone wall. A utility pole is to the left of the tree. Several houses or other structures appear in the background.