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Tockwotten House
  • Tockwotten House
  • V.F. -- HOTELS, TAVERNS, INNS/Tockwotton House 1865
  • Stereocard of the Tockwotten House in Providence. In the foreground of the image is a white fence that surrounds the building's property.
Old State House on North Main Street
  • Old State House on North Main Street
  • State Houses -- Providence/Old State House No. Main St Prov R.I. 1885/Gift of Otis P. Mowry, Jr.
Old State House
  • Old State House
  • State Houses -- Providence/Gift of Otis P. Mowry, Jr.
  • Stereocard of the Old State House on North Main Street. The fa├žade and right side of the building are depicted. The lawn, with pedestrian walkways, shows three trees without leaves.
Wagon traveling down road past houses
  • Wagon traveling down road past houses
  • Bodies of water, Buildings, Carts & wagons, Dirt roads, Houses, Sites , Stone walls
Harrison Street from Cranston Street
  • Cobblestone streets, Houses, Residential streets, Sidewalks
  • Stereocard of an intersection in Providence, Harrison and Cranston Streets. Houses line the sidewalked streets.
Old Stone Mill
  • Stereocard of Newport's Old Stone Mill. The structure is fenced in and covered in ivy. A house can be seen in the background to the left of the mill.
The Summer Street fire
  • Aerial views, Apartment houses, Cities & towns, Fires
Market Square
  • V.F. -- MARKET HOUSE AND MARKET SQUARE/WESTMINSTER ST/Westminster St Prov/Arcade BLDG TOWARD/from Arcade Bldg toward/Market Square 1865
Looking east from Friendship Street
  • Stereoview of Providence looking east over Friendship Street captured at a height. The foreground features rooftops of houses and other buildings. In the background, the harbor with a ship is visible.
Unidentified Hotel
  • V.F -- Hotels, Taverns, Inns/Highland House? Block Island
Interior view of Redwood Library and Athenaeum
  • Stereoscopic View of [Int of Redwood Libay] Views of all kinds, Large and Small, of Houses and Groups, taken to order by the original J.A. WILLIAMS, Post Office Address, No. 507. NEWPORT, R.I.
Gettysburg gun in Gettysburg, PA
  • Rebel Shell Fired into Union gun Gettysburg Pa/Rhode Island -- History/This cannon now in State House at Providence R.I./gift of Otis P. Mowry, Jr./V.F. -- RHODE ISLAND -- HISTORY