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Exchange Place waiting room
  • Image shows a street car parked outside the Exchange Place waiting room. Pedestrians stand on the street corner.
Kent Heights
  • Image shows a Crescent Park line street car stopped on tracks. A photographer stands next to a gas station in the background.
Old car house, Cranston St & Webster Ave
  • Image shows a streetcar passing the Old car house at the corner of Cranston St and Webster Ave in Cranston, RI. Snow covers the ground. A woman is walking on the sidewalk and two children stand in the doorway of the Old car house.
North Main car barn, single truck Wason plow 1902-05
  • Image shows a single truck Wason Shear Plow outside the North Main car barn in Providence, RI. A group of men stand in a parking lot.
North Main car barn
  • Image shows a Pawtucket - Main Line street car exiting the North Main car barn. A man stands outside the car bar and cars travel on North Main Street.
Broad Street car barn
  • Image of several street cars parked inside the Broad Street car barn. Several employees stand near at a booth.
1511 grinder Jones 1893
  • Image of a street car, number 1511 inside a car barn. Planks of wood and metal rods lay on a platform next to the street car. A streetcar employee stands on the other side of the street car.
33' coal car - ACF 1904
  • Image shows a 33 foot American coal Foundry coal car, number 1249. A railroad worker stands on the car.
Olneyville car house about 1910
  • Image shows five street railway workers standing in front of a No. 100 type single truck 8 bench open street car at Olneyville car barn.
795 Cincinnati 1906 Elmwood car barn
  • Image shows nine street railroad workers standing on the ledge of a street car near the Elmwood car barn.
Providence & Danielson 30 Laconia
  • Image shows the Providence and Danielson Railroad Co. 1900 Laconia Express, number 30, with a number 34 flat trailer on line. Railroad workers stand inside the open freight car doors. Snow covers the ground next to the railroad tracks.
End of Mt. Pleasant line at Atwells Ave
  • Image shows a Mt. Pleasant line streetcar stopped at the end of the line on Atwells Ave. Shoppers stand outside Gemma's Market carrying packages.