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Apponaug, RI
  • Image shows people waiting at the Apponaug Station in Warwick, RI, on the New York, New Haven, & Hartford Railroad (N.Y.,N.H. & H.). Three boys stand between a woman with a parasol and a railroad employee on the platform. A man holding a suitcase
Rocky Point Junction
  • Image shows the Rocky Point Junction Station on the Buttonwoods line in Warwick, RI. A man stands with his hands on his hips in front of the Station. A boy on a bicycle stands in front of the door to the Station. Railroad signals are visible
NYNH&H Station, Harris, RI
  • Image shows the Harris Station on the Pawtuxet Valley line of the N.Y.N.H.&H. Railroad in the village of Harris in Coventry, RI. A man stands on the platform of the Station. A stop sign stands on the platform in the foreground..
Wickford Station
  • Image shows a man standing on the platform of the Wickford Station in North Kingstown, RI. A man stands in a cart with two horses on the platform. A large pile of dirt lays on a track in front of the Station.
Oakland Station
  • Image shows three men, and a railroad employee posing for a photograph at the Oakland Station in the Burrillville, R.I., village of Oakland. The employee stands on the stairs leading to the passenger train car as the three men stand on the tracks
Ashton Station
  • Image shows the Ashton Station in Cumberland, R.I. Three men stand on the platform outside the Station. Residential buildings stand in the background.
Moses Brown
  • Image of the Moses Brown Homestead in Providence, RI. A child stands near the front door. An American flag hangs from a second floor window.
Old Church
  • Image of a church in the Rockland area of Scituate, RI. A woman stands against the rear of the building. A tall flagpole is attached to the rear pediment.
Centre Avenue
  • Image of a doorway at the house at 1609 Pawtucket Ave in the Rumford area of East Providence, RI. Pilasters with millwork support a pediment with fanlight. The doorway is flanked by sidelights. Potted plants stand at the foot of the front steps
John and Spring Street
  • Image of a house at the corner of John and Spring Streets in Newport, RI. The three story house has a gambrel roof and dormer windows. An American flag hangs over the front entrance. Potted plants sit on the front stoop. A woman and child stand
Chepiwanoxet Station
  • Image shows a large group of men positing for a group photograph in front of the Chepiwanoxet Station in Warwick, RI. The men stand on the edge of the platform and sit on the tracks in front of the Station. The Station was on the main line, south
Norwood Station
  • Image shows the Norwood Station in Warwick, RI. A wooden cart stands on the platform in front of the Station. The Station is surrounded by fields, a residential area is visible in the background.