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Page 17, Angell Street
  • Houses, Signs (Notices), Traffic signs & signals < Signs (Notices), Trees
Grace Haven
  • Automobiles, Children, Group portraits, Men, Signs (Notices)
  • Group portrait under a road sign for Grace Haven. Six men and two children stand around the sign on the side of the road. Cars are parked behind them.
Rustic Drive-In on Route 146 in North Smithfield
  • Color photographs, Drive-in theaters, Electric signs, Signs (Notices)
  • Image is a close up of the Rustic Drive In sign. The sign has neon light writing and a lite arrow pointing to the Drive In. The sign displays movie titles including: Men in Black, Batman & Robin, and Faceoff.
Providence Art Club
  • Buildings, Clubhouses, Signs (Notices)
Narragansett Hotel
  • Buildings, Commercial facilities, Hotels, Signs (Notices)
Dreyfus Hotel
  • Buildings, Commercial facilities, Hotels, Signs (Notices)
Market Place
  • Automobiles, Buildings, Commercial facilities, Signs (Notices)
Market Square
  • Buildings, Commercial facilities, Plazas, Signs (Notices), Street railroads, Winter
Market Square
  • Buildings, Carriages & coaches, Commercial facilities, Plazas, Signs (Notices)
Planet Street
  • Balconies, Brickwork, Signs (Notices)
Westminster Street
  • Awnings, Carriages & coaches, Signs (Notices), Street railroads
Weybosset Street
  • Awnings, Carriages & coaches, Commercial facilities, Signs (Notices), Street railroads