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U.S.S. Olympia
  • Boats, Oceans, Steamboats, Water
  • 1910
  • The U.S.S. Olympia on the water.
SS. Mount Hope
  • Boats, Bodies of water, Passengers, Steamboats
  • 1910
  • Full length photograph of steamboat Mount Hope travelling in open water. Many passengers are seen on the decks, and land is visible in the background.
The famous Tin Bridge & Water Works, Central Falls, R.I.
  • The famous Tin Bridge & Water Works, Central Falls, R.I.
  • 1910
  • View of the Tin Bridge & Water Works in Central Falls, R.I.
Sakonnet, R.I.
  • 1910
  • View of the water in Sakonnet, R.I.
Municipal Concert
  • Audiences, Bandstands, Boats, Bodies of water, Concerts, Music, Parks
  • 1910
  • View from the water of a gathering of people for a municipal concert at the Roger Williams Park bandstand on Roosevelt Lake. Crowds of people are seen on the shore and in rowboats surrounding the bandstand.
[Adam S. Miller thru mill]
  • Bodies of water, Cities & towns, Dams, Rivers
  • 1910
Point Judith Light, Narragansett, R.I.
  • bays (Bodies of water), Buildings, Coastlines, Lighthouses, Meadows
  • 1910
R.R. Bridge, Tiv. R.I., No. 804
  • Bodies of water, Bridges, Buildings, Railroad bridges
  • 1910
Providence, R.I. Field's Point.  Shore Resort.
  • Boats, Bodies of water, Buildings
  • 1910
Field's Point near Providence, R.I.
  • Bodies of water, Buildings, Piers & wharves
  • 1910
Steamer Larchmont of the Joy Line sunk in collision off Block Island. Feb. 11, 1907.
Castle Hill Light, entrance to Narragansett Bay, R.I.
  • bays (Bodies of water), Buildings, Coastlines, Lighthouses
  • 1910