Sabin Tavern

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245 10|aSabin Tavern
520 |aView from the opposite corner of the street of the Sabin Tavern, a large multi-story house on the side of a hill.
650 1 |aBuildings|xHistoric buildings|xTaverns (Inns)|zProvidence (R.I.)41.8231835,-71.40584079999996
300 |a9.5 x 11 inches
500 |aSabin Tavern, Corner of South Main & Planet Street Prov. R.I. Demolished about 1890. Copy of Memorial Tablet. "Sons of Liberty" Upon This Corner Stood The Sabin Tavern In Which On The Evening Of June 9th 1772 The Party met And Organized To Destroy H.R.M. Schooner Gaspee In The Destruction of Which Was Shed The First Blood In The American Revolution. From the collection of George L. Shepley.
500 |aSouth Main Street and Planet Street, Providence, R.I.
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