S.S. Ariadne

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Aerial view of SS Ariadne of Caribbean Cruise Lines docked at a wharf on the Providence River. From attached note:" Providence, R.I. -- Lumber lies awaiting pick-up in the foreground of this view of the Municipal dock facilities, Port of Providence. The Caribbean Cruise Lines S.S. Ariadne is docked; September 30, 1961 was the first time a luxury liner cruise had ever used the facilities, and it proved so successful that the Caribbean Cruise Lines shifted most of their 1962 New England sailings to Providence. Situated at the mouth of the Providence River, the Port is best known because it offers industry the advantages of low cost water transportation, particularly for bulk materials like fuel, chemicals and lumber. In the year ending September 30, 1959, lumber and cement total 116,000 tons handled."

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