Antique Auto Tour

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245 10|aAntique Auto Tour
520 |aA row of people in period costume outside of a brick building identified as St. Germain's Store, watching and waving at an antique car driving by as part of a tour from Woonsocket to Westerly.
720 |aRhode Island Development Council
650 1 |aAntiques|xAutomobiles|xCommercial facilities|xParades & processions|xSigns (Notices)|zCoventry (R.I.)41.701324, -71.635256
300 |a10 x 8 inches
500 |aThe Third Annual Woonsocket to Westerly Antique Auto Tour will commence at Woonsocket, 9 A.M., October 7, 1956, when the Rolling Rhodies Antique Auto Club, their visiting guest vehicles from out-of-state, and any owners of vehicles over 25 years of age that wish to join this tour through several northern and western Rhode Island villages. The tour is approximately 75 miles long. At Coventry Center village, several members of the Western Rhode Island Civic and Historical Association are dressed in Gay 90's costumes and greet the passing vehicles. Other sponsors are the Automobile Club of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Development Council.
500 |aCoventry, R.I.
852 |aRhode Island Collection, Providence Public Library
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