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'A Second Psalm of Life'
Date: 1838-12-29
A Second Psalm of Life.

'Black-Eyed Susan'
Date: 1700
'Black Eyed Susan', a poem.

'Morning, noon, and night'
Date: n.d.
Morning, noon, and night. Poem.

'The Last Flowers'
Date: 1855-10-19
Poem. The Last Flowers.

Aboard His Majesty's Sloop of War Ring Dove
Date: 1813-11-04
Aboard His Majesty's Sloop of War Ring Dove. Letter mentions both Bristol and…

Acceptance of invitation
Date: 1885-07-16
Acceptance of invitation to attend reunion of Second RI Volunteers and the…

Acceptance of invitation
Date: 1882-02-10
Acceptance of an invitation to a Veteran Association dinner.
Written on House…

Acceptance of invitation
Date: 1876-07-15
Accepting invitation to annual meeting of 2nd RI Volunteers.

Acceptance of invitation
Date: 1880-07-13
Accepting invitation to 11th reunion of 2nd RI Volunteers. Written on State of…

Date: 1825-04 to 1825-12
Account with O.C.W. Arnold.

Acknowledging the receipt of vouchers
Date: 1797-10-02
Acknowledging the receipt of vouchers.

Action for debt
Date: 1756-01-22
Action for debt. Signed by James Honeyman.