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Exchange Place with Post Office
Date: 1880
Stereocard of the Providence Post Office on Weybosset Street. Also visible are…

Rustic bridge in Roger Williams Park
Date: 1880
Stereocard of a pedestrian bridge made from sticks and branches. In the…

The "Old Liberty Bell," 1776
Date: 1876
Stereoview featuring a close up view of the Liberty Bell.

Harrison Street from Cranston Street
Date: 1875
Stereocard of an intersection in Providence, Harrison and Cranston Streets.…

Unidentified railroad track signal
Date: 1880
Stereocard of a railroad track signal with a windmill atop a building alongside…

Unidentified railroad turntable
Date: 1880
Stereoview featuring a railroad locomotive on a turntable. Two buildings are in…

Unidentified railroad station, “Washington”
Date: 1880
Stereoview featuring a railroad station, Washington. A man is standing in the…

Unidentified railroad station with workers
Date: 1880
Stereoview featuring men standing around a handcar on railroad tracks.

First Beach in Winter
Date: 1880
Stereocard of First Beach in Newport in winter. Ice covers the beach and rocks.…

Trinity Church interior
Date: 1880
Stereocard featuring the interior of Trinity Church in Newport while decorated…

Interior view of Redwood Library and Athenaeum
Date: 1880
A stereocard of an interior room of the Redwood Library. The room is lined with…

Lawton Valley
Date: 1880
Stereocard of a waterfall at Lawton Valley. Water is cascading down rocks. The…