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  • Tousard, Louis de, 1749-1817
Letter regarding military affairs
  • Hadden, James Murray, -1817
Page 49, South Main Street
  • Clipping from the "Now and Then in R.I. Column" featuring the Old Providence Custom House on South Main Street, built in 1817
Page 86, Bowen Street
  • Images of Dexter Randall (c. 1817) house at 36 Bowen Street and the Dr. Jabez Bowen (c. 1740) house at 39 Bowen Street
Bristol County Court House
  • Bristol County Court House (1817), High Street. Erected as a State House, sessions of General Assembly were held in this building from 1819-1852. Used as a court house since 1853. The bell on this court house is rung once a year on July 4th.