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Page 354, Newport
  • Aerial photographs < Aerial views, Cliffs, Coastlines, Columns, Lawns, Mansions, Oceans, Rocks, Trees, Yards
  • Clipping of a photograph of an aerial view of Vinland on Cliffwalk, and postcard of "Oakland Farm", the residence of Alfred G. Vanderbilt
Page 132, Broad Street
  • photographs
  • Photograph of Trinity Church and postcard with an image of St. Joseph's Hospital
View of state house, Providence
  • Postcard shows a view of Providence, R.I from the viewpoint of the steeple of the First Baptist Church of America. Railroad tracks run across the center of the photograph near the State House building. Trolley tracks are in the foreground
Page 145, Old Barrington Road
  • photographs
  • Photograph of Arnold House on Old Barrington Road, a black and white clipping, and photo postcard of the Pomham Lighthouse.
Page 194, Killingly Road; Hartford Avenue
  • photographs
  • Photograph of house on Killingly Road and postcard with drawing of Waterman House, built about 1700 and located near Hartford Avenue
Page 318, Newport
  • photographs
  • Photograph of Hammersmith Farm and postcard of Cliff Lawn Manor, the entrance to the Cliff Walk
Page 466, South Kingstown
  • photographs
  • Photograph of the Carpenter-Potter house and a postcard of the Old Kingston Inn
Page 409, Pawtucket
  • photographs
  • Photograph and postcard of the Pidge Tavern, also known as "Mr. Sayles' Tavern"
Page 71, Providence
  • photographs
  • Photograph of the site of the Hospital Trust building and postcard of the "skyscrapers" and Banjotti Memorial Fountain in Depot Park
Page 78, Exchange Place
  • photographs
  • Postcards and photographs of prominent buildings in Exchange Place, including the Biltmore Hotel, City Hall, and the Federal Building
Page 124, Broad Street
  • photographs
  • Postcard and photograph of the YMCA building on Broad Street (bottom dated 1951)
Page 138, Broad Street
  • photographs
  • Photograph of house at 671 Broad Street, postcard depicting the Calvary Baptist Church, and clipping with image of Washington Park Grammar School