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Page 320, Broadway
  • photographs
  • Photograph and drawing of Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House
Page 321, Church Street
  • photographs
  • Sketch of the Whitehorse Tavern (1730) and photograph of the Pitts Head Inn
Page 323, Broadway
  • photographs
  • Sketch of the Old Bull Mansion (1750?) and photograph of Popple at 1 Broadway
Page 68, Market Square
  • photographs
  • Images of Market Square, including photographs taken circa 1924 and 1948
Page 204, Lincoln
  • photographs
  • Photograph-quality reproduction of a drawing of the Friends Meeting House in Saylesville
Page 292, Old Road
  • photographs
  • Sketch from "Pleasant Places in R.I." (1893) and photograph of the entrance gate to Swan Point Cemetery
Page 361, North Kingstown
  • Clippings of a photograph and a sketch of Gilbert Stuart's birthplace
Page 120, George M. Cohan Boulevard
Page 160, Hope Street
  • photographs
Page 498, Child Street; Miller Street; North Main Street
  • Sketch of the Monroe House, located at 116 Child Street, and clipping with photograph of the civic centre prominently featuring the Industrial Trust building