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Page 185, Chalkstone Avenue
  • Aerial photographs < Aerial views, Hospitals
Page 198, Charles Street
  • Aerial views, Factories, Industrial buildings, Mills, Plants (Factories), Smokestacks
Page 243, Cooke Street
  • Photographs of house at 66 Cooke Street and a view of the rear stable
Page 100, Benevolent Street
  • Photograph of gateway to house on Benevolent Street and view of exterior of 112 Benevolent Street
Page 66, Benefit Street; Benevolent Street
  • Photographs of the Providence Athenaeum, including the view west from opposite Benevolent Street
Page 78, Benevolent Street; Benefit Street
  • Images of Benevolent Street fire station and the view west toward Benefit Street
Page 232, Congdon Street; Prospect Terrace
  • Photograph of 88 Congdon Street and the view of the state capitol building from Congdon Street and Prospect Terrace
Page 244, Cooke Street
  • Clipping announcing the sale of a 15-room house at 87 Cooke Street and its conversion to a dormitory for Bryant College and a view of the Weeden stable in the rear of 86 Cooke Street
Page 259, Cushing Street
  • Clipping announcing the sale of the 10-room brick residence at 33 Cushing Street and view of the stables at 135 Cushing Street
Page 189, Chalkstone Avenue
  • Clipping of an image of the Rhode Island Homeopathic Hospital with a view of the West and East wings