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419 Benefit "after"
  • Photograph of a white brick house in three-quarter view. The image is captured from the other side of the street.
162 Transit
  • A three-quarter view of two houses with a garage in-between . A utility pole is outside the garage.
41 Sheldon
  • Photograph of a two-story colonial house taken at a three-quarter view from a distance.
129 Williams
  • Photograph of a house taken at a three-quarter view from across the street. The front entrance is flanked by two columns.
37 George
  • Image of a house captured at three quarter view and from the other side of the street. The street dominates the foreground of the image. The house appears to be made of stone and has two chimneys.
18 James
18 James (Item)
  • Image of a large brick home with a cement or stone foundation taken from the opposite side of the street at a slight three-quarters view. Located on a hill, the home's foundation is slanted. A Narragansett Electric sign is partially visible
20-22 John
  • Image of a facade of a duplex. The front stoop features dual stairs. The left side of the photo features a view down a side street, Roome Lane. In the upper left hand corner is a partial street sign for John Street.