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Apartment House "The Minden", Providence, R.I.
  • Apartment House "The Minden", Providence, R.I.
  • Apartments, Buildings, Trees
  • Exterior view of The Minden, a Providence apartment building.
Dexter Manor
  • Aerial photographs, Apartment houses, Buildings
  • Aerial view of Dexter Manor apartments looking east above Broad Street.
Providence, looking north
  • Apartment houses , Buildings
  • Image shows view of apartment and industrial buildings in Providence
Page 129, Broad Street
  • Apartment houses, Apartments, Real estate development, Retail stores
  • Clippings describing the sale of apartments on Broad Street and the modernization of building at 288 Broad Street
Page 410, Park Place; East Avenue
  • Apartment houses, Apartments, Estates, House buying, Houses, Mansions, Octagonal buildings, Remodeling
  • Clippings from the Providence Sunday Journal (May 7, 1944) regarding the sale of one of R.I.'s few remaining octagon houses and a 20-room house for conversion into an apartment building
Page 21, Angell Street; Thayer Street
  • Apartment houses, Apartments, House buying, Houses
  • Clipping from the Providence Sunday Journal (June 1940) announcing the sale of three apartment houses known as The Barrington at 181 Angell Street, at the corner of Thayer Street
Page 26, Angell Street; Medway Street
  • Apartment houses, Apartments, Cars, House buying, Houses, Roads, Trees
  • Photographs and clippings of 407 Angell Street, sold by the Gordon School to a private owner to be converted into a modern apartment building
Page 68, Benefit Street
  • Apartment houses, Cars, Churches, House buying, Houses, Steeples, Towers
  • Photograph of house at 309 Benefit Street and article from June 1940 announcing the sale of house at 296 Benefit Street and its impending conversion into apartment suites
Page 171, Butler Avenue
  • Apartment houses, Columns, House buying, Houses, Pillars, Telephone Poles, Trees
  • Clippings announcing the sale of the Georgian residence at 300 Butler Avenue and describing the Buena Vista, a "new type" of apartment house
Page 170, Humboldt Avenue
  • Apartment houses, House buying, Real estate development
  • Images of three apartment houses then under construction on Humboldt Avenue and clipping announcing the sale of the house at 76 Humboldt Avenue
Page 353, Power Street
  • Apartment houses, Cars, House buying, Houses, Porticoes (Porches)
  • Clipping announcing the sale of the apartment house at 161-63-65 Power Street
Page 9, Angell Street
  • Apartment houses, House buying, Houses
  • Clipping announcing the sale of the 12-room, 3-apartment house at 36 Angell Street (1782) and a photograph of 64 Angell Street