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Providence Public Library, marble balcony
  • Providence Public Library, marble balcony
  • Balconies, Libraries, Public Libraries
  • Image shows the marble balcony of the original Washington Street building of the Providence Public Library. Tall windows show buildings along Washington Street.
118 Mill Street
  • Architectural elements, Balconies, Doors & doorways, Fanlights, Photographic postcards, Porticoes (Pilates), Postcards, Vines
  • Image of 118 Mill Street in Newport, RI. Columns support a portico over the front door. The door has two panel windows, a door knocker, and a top fanlight. A second floor balcony sits on top of the portico. Vines grow up the sides of the portico
Warren's Estate, Mill Street
  • Balconies, Bicycles & tricycles, Fences, Houses, Vines
  • Image shows a figure riding a bicycle on Mill Street in front of the Warren House. The Warren House is a three story Federal style house. There is a balcony with awning on the second floor over the front door. the entire balcony is covered in vines
Hill House, Bellevue Ave
  • Balconies, Houses, Mansions, Porches, Vines
  • Image shows two people walking on sidewalk in front of the Bruen Villeno also called the Knight Cottage on Bellevue Ave. The shingle style house is three stories and has a round porch and balcony. Vines drape from window boxes and balconies. A few
Horses on residential street
  • Balconies, Buildings, Horses, Women, Residential streets
  • Image shows a man riding a horse on a residential street. A second horse follows. A large four story residential building is on the corner. Two women look out on the street from the second floor balcony. The building has balconies that span
242 North Main Street
  • Balconies, Doors & doorway, Hotels, Photographic postcards, Postcards, Stores & shops
  • Image of the Clarendon Hotel at 242 North Main Street in Providence, RI. The front door of the hotel is framed by sidelights. A sign for the Clarendon hangs on the second floor balcony. The door to the balcony is flanked pilasters and topped
Planet Street
  • Balconies, Brickwork, Signs (Notices)
Reeves Estate, Bellevue Ave
  • Balconies, Gardens, Hedges (Plants) , Mansions, Porches
  • Image shows the Reeves Estate on Bellevue Ave. The mansion is visible over large hedges. A worker mows lawn. The mansion has a large ornate balcony and porch.
Pulpit and Stairway of Seventh Day Baptist House, Newport
  • Balconies, Baptist churches, Chandeliers, Churches, Interiors, Organs, Pews, Plaques, Pulpits
  • Image shows the interior of the Seventh Day Baptist Church. Photograph is taken from balcony. Pews are in foreground. The pulpit and stairways are center. A pipe organ is in background. A large chandelier hangs from ceiling.
Mrs. Best Estate
  • Balconies, Bay windows, Fences, Houses, Porches
  • Image shows the Best Cottage on the corner of Bellevue Ave and Perry Street. The house has a balcony with awning built on top of a bay window facing Bellevue Ave. The yard is enclosed with by a picket fence.
Patterson Estate, Cliff Walk; Newport
  • Balconies, Balustrades, Bow windows, Mansions, Terraces
  • Image shows the Patterson Estate "Hopedene" facing Cliff Walk. Hopedene is a brick Georgian Revival style mansion. A covered balcony sits above a large bow window. The mansion has a large balustrade terrace.
N.Y. World's Fair
  • Balconies, Exhibitions, Government officials
  • Governor John H. Chafee standing on a balcony with several young people, and pointing at something out of frame, at the New York World's Fair.