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Hot Air Balloon
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Balloons (Aircraft), Crowds, Wheelchairs, Yards
  • Image shows a crowd watching the inflating of a hot air balloon. Two women rest on a blanket next to a person in a wheelchair in the foreground of photograph.
"The Elms" Newport
  • Balloons (Aircraft), Mansions, Yards
  • Image shows a crowd gathered in lawn of The Elms. The crowd of people look up at a large hot air balloon. The hot air balloon is decorated with illustrated flowers.
Page 58, Exchange Place
  • Balloon ascensions, Balloons (Aircraft), Carriages & coaches, People, Railroad stations, Towers
  • Clippings detailing the 1866 ascension of the hot air balloon "Monarch of the Sky" and the replacement of the old railroad station with Union Station after a fire
Page 236, Market Square; Crawford Street
  • Balloon ascensions, Balloons (Aircraft), Bridges, Cities & towns, Crowds, Marketplaces, Umbrellas
  • Clipping with photograph of the hot air balloon called "What Cheer" about to take off from the Crawford Street Bridge on a rainy Fourth of July in 1889
Rochambeau Balloon Day
  • Rochambeau Balloon Day
  • Balloons (Novelties), Children, Libraries
  • Image shows children celebrating Balloon Day. The children stand in the front yard of the Rochambeau Library. Balloons float above them, weighted by tags tied to the balloon strings. A young child cries while holding a balloon with a Donald Duck
USS Intrepid (CVS-11)
  • Intrepid (Aircraft carrier)
  • Airplanes, Aircraft carriers, Helicopters, Ships, Warships
  • Image shows a view of the stern belonging to the USS Intrepid (CVS-11) aircraft off the coast of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Planes and helicopters are visible on the deck.
Glider with pilot and passenger
  • Gliders (Aircraft)
Colonial Theatre, Thames Street, Newport
  • Image shows Colonial Theater on Thames Street in Newport, Rhode Island. Posters advertising "Balloon Girl" and "The Redeeming Angel" hang in the window of the theater.
Glider with pilot and passenger
  • Gliders (Aircraft)
Aviation hangar
  • Aircraft, Disasters, Hangars, Hurricanes, Ruins
Airplane & auto. of Jack McGee
  • Air pilots, Aircraft, Flags, Spectators
Lindbergh coming in
  • Air pilots, Aircraft, Celebrities, Cityscapes, Government facilities