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Page 324, Bridge Street
  • Page 324, Bridge Street
  • Photographs of Tripp House at 22 Bridge Street and Boss House at 97 Bridge Street
Page 415, Division Street
  • Bridges, Rivers, Roads, Trees
  • Clipping of a photograph of the Division Street Bridge
Page 416, Pawtucket
  • Bridges, Buildings, Cities & towns, Rivers
Page 403, Pawtucket
  • Bridges, Carriages & coaches, Factories, Horses, Mills, Rivers, Stone walls, Textile industry, Trees, Waterfalls
Page 423, Ferry Turnpike
  • Photographs of the Overing House, the Taylor House near Stone Bridge, and a house on Ferry Turnpike
Page 411, Main Street; Exchange Street;
  • Aerial photographs < Aerial views, Bridges, Dams, Mills, Rivers, Spires, Steeples, Textile industry, Trees