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Page 10, Providence
  • Churches, Cityscape drawings < Drawings, Cupolas, Theaters
  • Legend for the cityscape illustration on reverse
Page 96, Providence
  • Aerial photographs < Aerial views, Buildings, Cityscapes, Railroad tracks
  • Clipping with image of a Providence cityscape
Page 21, Providence
  • Chimneys, Cityscapes, Spires, Steeples
Skyline of Providence
  • Buildings, Cityscapes, Rivers
Smith Hill
  • Cityscapes, Housing
Providence, looking north
  • Cityscapes, Railroad stations
Exchange Street
  • Automobiles, Buildings, Cityscapes
View of Providence
  • Cityscapes, Houses
Canal (Item)
  • Boats, Canals, Cityscapes
City rooftops
  • Cityscapes, Clouds, Roofs
Page 95, Providence
  • Banks, Buildings, Cities & towns, Cityscapes, Night photographs, Rivers, Skyscrapers, Winter
  • Two Providence cityscapes, one taken after a snowfall at night from the Old Colony Co-Operative Bank building
Page 138, Westminster Street; Dyer Street
  • Buildings, Cities & towns, Cityscapes
  • Image of the Providence cityscape from the roof of a Journal-Bulletin truck