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15 Sheldon
  • Image of a house with a ladder leaning up against the facade.
Athenaeum, 251 Benefit Street
  • Photograph of the Providence Athenaeum's facade. Cars parked outside the building are visible.
404-406-408 Benefit
  • Image of the facade of a liquor store with residences above. The building is a white siding with a garden gate.
405 Benefit
  • Image of a house with a staggered shingle facade. A car is parked outside the front door.
Benefit St. Across 2 George
  • Image of the facade of two abutting duplexes on a hill with four distinct doorways. Image is captured from across the street.
103 Prospect
  • Image of a facade of a house with a metal fence separating the street;s sidewalk and the house's front yard.
84 Transit
  • Image of a house with two fire escapes adhered to the facade. Snow is piled along the curb. A man in a long coat and hat stands in the driveway.
78 South Main Street, Joseph Brown House
  • Image of the Providence Bank, identified as the Joseph Brown House at 78 south Main Street. The doorway is a facade of a Greek temple. Ionic pilasters support a wide pediment. The doorway is set back from the facade.
Fiskeville. Free Reading Room c. 1840
  • a, Architectural elements, Building, Facades, Men, Rocking chairs, Trees, Trucks
  • Image shows a small building built circa 1840 in the mill village of Fiskeville in Cranston, Rhode Island. There is one door and one window on the facade. Over the door is a sign that reads "Free Reading Room" and there is a small sign on the door
Newport. Perry Mill 1835
  • , above the door, and mounted to the building high above the storefront. A bicycle is parked in the bottom right corner of the photo. In the center of the building's facade, there is a marble stone engraved with "Perry Cotton ManG Co Erected 1835
103 Prospect
  • Image of a house facade taken from across the street. The doorway is lit brightly. A fence separates the street's sidewalk from the front lawn of the house.
20-22 John
  • Image of a facade of a duplex. The front stoop features dual stairs. The left side of the photo features a view down a side street, Roome Lane. In the upper left hand corner is a partial street sign for John Street.