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Page 315, Newport
  • Historic buildings, Houses
  • Clipping featuring photographs of historic houses in Newport, including the Gibbs-Tuckerman-Garretson House, Vernon House, Robinson House, Nichols-Wanton-Hunter House, and Banister House.
Page 14, Barrington
  • Houses, Trees, Yards
  • Images of two houses, Nathaniel Heath House and a house on Wampanoag Trail
Page 281, Newport
  • Benches, Churches, Cupolas, Government buildings, Houses, Meeting houses, Quaker meeting houses, Spires, State houses, Steeples, Trees
  • Clippings of photographs of the Old State House and the Quaker Meeting House
Page 215, North Main Street
  • Court houses, Government buildings, State houses
  • Images of "The Old Court House", formerly known as Colony House (1761-1776), State House (1776-1901) and the court house thereafter
Page 141, Division Street
  • Brickwork, Cars, Court houses, Government buildings, Houses, Telephone Poles, Trees, Yards
  • Photographs of the Kent County Court House, the Brick House on Main Street, and the house located at 10 Division Street
Page 68, Benefit Street
  • Apartment houses, Cars, Churches, House buying, Houses, Steeples, Towers
  • Photograph of house at 309 Benefit Street and article from June 1940 announcing the sale of house at 296 Benefit Street and its impending conversion into apartment suites
Page 218, Lincoln
  • Fences, Meeting houses, Quaker meeting houses, Trees, Yards
  • Photograph of the Friends Meeting House in Saylesville
Page 230
Page 230 (Item)
  • Houses, Trees, Yards
  • Sketch of the Mathurin Ballou House in Saylesville, in the same settlement as the Arnold Houses
Page 552, West Warwick
  • Houses, People, Trees, Yards
  • Photographs of John Rice house (1789) in in Centreville and the LeValley house (1720)
Page 425, Portsmouth
  • Houses, Trees, Yards
  • Photographs of Sanford House on Charles Street and Harvey House on Power Street
Page 55, Benefit Street
  • Apartment houses, Cars, Fire escapes, Houses, Roads, Trees
  • Photographs of houses on Benefit Street
Page 208, Charles Field Street
  • Fences, Houses, Stilt houses, Stonework
  • Photographs of an unusual house on Charles Field Road