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Benefit at Transit W
  • Houses, Stoops
  • An image of two houses with a street light in-between them. The house on the left is two-toned; the bottom of the house is comprised of brick and the top is shingled. The house in the right 2.5 stories and painted brick. A white convertible
1093 Smith
  • Houses, Lawns
  • Photograph of a colonial house with a central chimney. The windows feature shutters and cornices.
135 Power
  • Houses, Sidewalks
  • Image of a two-story square house with large bushes in front.
125 Hope
125 Hope (Item)
  • Doors & doorways, Fences, Houses, Sidewalks, Streets, Stone walls
  • Image of a white stone house with two prominent chimneys. In front of the house is a stone wall with a relief for steps. On top of the stone wall is a metal fence. A portion of the house to the left is also visible.
33 Benefit Street
  • Clapboard siding, Houses, Sidewalks
  • Photograph of a two and a half story house with a mansard roof. The front yard features small evergreen shrubs.
309 Benefit
  • Brickwork, Buildings, Garages, Houses, Mansions, Sidewalks, Streets
  • Photo of the home located on the corner of Benefit and Charlesfield Streets, the Susan and William Huston House.
Benefit at Transit E
  • Fences, Houses, Stoops, Windows
  • An image of three houses. The homes appear to be shingled. The middle home has a dual front steps, and short slatted fences are in-between each structure.
196 Hope
196 Hope (Item)
  • Houses, Lawns, Sidewalks, Streets
  • Image of an exterior of a home in Providence, Rhode Island. The square house has two and a half floors and is covered with vines. There is a short front lawn, surrounded with a brick sidewalk.
154 Power
  • Hedges (Plants), Houses, Lawns, Mansions, Sidewalks, Streets, Trees
  • Image of a house obscured by two flowering trees.
Benefit - North from 316
  • Automobiles, Houses, Street lights, Streets
  • Photograph of 316 Benefit Street looking north up the street. Several houses can be seen as well as a car driving along.
193 Hope Street
  • Houses, Retaining walls, Sidewalks, Streets
  • Image of a brick house with a flat roof. The windows on the bottom floor feature shutters and flank the front door. The yard has a large wall with stairs leading up to the front door.
193 Hope St.
  • Image of a staircase from a house's interior with turned balusters and volute at the end of the handrail.