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419 Benefit "before"
  • Brickwork, Fences, Houses
  • Photograph of a brick house. The garden-level is painted a different color than the majority of the house. A white picket fence sitting on a stone wall is to the left of the house.
9 Church "before"
  • Doors & doorways, Houses, Sidewalks, Streets
  • Image of a section of a house. The most noticeable feature of the house is a portico behind a chain link fence. An illegible sign is affixed to the corner of the house.
167 Transit
  • Houses, Sidewalks, Streets
  • Image containing two houses. The house on the right is the dominate structure in the photograph. The front porch is visible on the house on the left.
143 Williams
  • Automobiles, Houses, Sidewalks, Streets
  • Photograph of a residential street featuring three houses. The middle house is the most visible. A tree grows out of the sidewalk outside of the home. A car is parked at the house on the right.
Benefit at Transit W
  • Houses, Stoops
  • An image of two houses with a street light in-between them. The house on the left is two-toned; the bottom of the house is comprised of brick and the top is shingled. The house in the right 2.5 stories and painted brick. A white convertible
81 Transit
  • Automobiles, Doors & doorways, Houses, Sidewalks, Streets
  • Photograph of two abutting houses along a street. The house on the left is a two-toned shingled house with a hip roof. The house on the right is white and 2.5 stories. The back end of a car is visible in the on the right side of the image.
392 Benefit
  • Fences, Houses, Streets
  • Black and white photograph of a house on Benefit Street in providence, Rhode Island. The house has an elaborate doorway, is covered by ivy vines on the left side, and two chimneys.
9 Church "after"
  • Bricks, Doors & doorways, Houses, Sidewalks,
  • Image of a house with a portico and chain link fenced yard. A historic marker is affixed to the house.
48 Congdon
  • Houses, Sidewalks, Street lights, Streets
  • Image of a clapboard-clad house situated on a hill. Downtown buildings can be seen behind the house.
118 Hope
118 Hope (Item)
  • Houses, Sidewalks, Streets
  • Image of a house taken from the other side of the street. The house features a chain link and stone front steps.
103 Prospect
  • Doors & doorways, Fences, Houses, Lawns, Mansions, Sidewalks, Streets, Trees
  • Image of a facade of a house with a metal fence separating the street;s sidewalk and the house's front yard.
20 Sheldon
  • Doors & doorways, Houses
  • Image of two adjacent houses. The house on the right has a brick first floor and a shingled second level. The Front door has a dual stepped stoop.