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Industrial Area
  • Industrial Area
  • Aerial photographs, Aerial views, Industrial facilities
  • Aerial view of an industrial area. A ship is visible docked along a wharf.
Industrial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Image shows a horse drawn cart outside an industrial building. The building is build along a body of water.
Woonsocket Industrial Park
  • Woonsocket Industrial Park
  • Aerial photographs, Industrial facilities, Parking lots, Railroad facilities
  • Aerial view of industrial buildings, railroad cars, and parking lots for Woonsocket Industrial Park. Mills and other buildings are seen in the background, and in the foreground are trees.
  • Industrial facilities, Machinery
  • Image shows industrial machinery in a large room.
Canning Industry
  • Canning Industry
  • Canning & preserving, Food industry, Food processing, Interiors
  • Interior view of a canning facility. A man stands monitoring a canning machine.
Industrial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Group portraits, Industrial facilities, Laborers, Mills
Quarry (Item)
  • Industrial facilities, Industry, Quarrying
  • Image shows ropes above a quarry. Industrial buildings are visible in the background above the quarry.
View of the Arcade over the construction of Industrial Trust
  • View of the Arcade over the construction of Industrial Trust
  • Arcades (Shopping facilities), Building construction
  • Arcade, Providence. Taken from Exchange Place across site of Industrial Trust. Wooden case--Arcade, Providence WC11
  • A black and white photograph of the Arcade taken from Exchange Place across the site of Industrial Trust. Date is presumed to be 1927, as this is the year the Industrial Trust Tower was constructed.
Industrial Area
  • Industrial Area
  • Carts & wagons, Industrial facilities, Rivers
  • Image shows a river running through an industrial area. Mill buildings are visible on the left side of photograph. Wooden carts sit in a vacant lot on the right side of photograph. A stone bridge and other industrial buildings are visible
Davol Rubber Company
  • Aerial photographs, Buildings, Industrial facilities, Rubber
  • Aerial view of Davol Rubber Company showing large industrial buildings, parking lots, and surrounding buildings.
Mark Stevens Building
  • Aerial photographs, Buildings, Industrial facilities
  • Aerial view of the Mark Stevens Building, surrounding industrial buildings, and railway. Residential buildings are visible in the background.
Providence, from Turk's Head Building
  • Industrial facilities, Mills, Railroads
  • Image shows aerial view of Providence with Railway Express Agency building and railroad in foreground. Mills and Industrial buildings are in background.