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Island House
  • Island House
  • Image shows people sitting on the crowded front porch of the Island House hotel in Oak Bluffs, MA. A horse and carriage travel on a dirt road in the foreground.
Body of water
  • Bodies of water, Islands, Trees
  • Image shows a body of water surrounded by trees with bare leaves. A small island is in the center of the water.
Rhode Island Print Works, Cranston
  • Rhode Island Print Works, Cranston
  • Image of the abandoned Rhode Island Print Works factory in Cranston with broken and boarded up windows. The factory operated from about 1830-1860. Rock piles and stumps are seen in the foreground. Note reads "foot of Dug-away Hill".
Path along a body of water
  • Image of a path with a handrail alongside a body of water. The lake is surrounded by trees. A few islands appear in the water.
French Monument
  • Image of the French Monument reading "La gratitude de Rhode Island" at North Burial Ground.
Cooke monument
  • Image of a stone obelisk style monument for Nicholas Cooke, former governor of Rhode Island.
RI federal court house
  • Image shows a horse and carriage traveling on Washington Street in Providence, RI. The Rhode Island Federal Courthouse is in the background.
Wright Quarry
  • Image show the a body of water with large limestone rocks at the Wright Quarry in Lincoln, RI. VM013_FIC0652 in the Rhode Island Photograph Collection is a reproduction.
Wawaloam Monument
  • Image of the monument dedicated to Wawaloam, the wife of Miantinomi, in Exeter, Rhode Island. The boulder memorializes the Narragansett Indians and her name is engraved on the boulder.
Gravesite of John Greene
  • Image shows the gravesite of John Greene, an early settler of Rhode Island. The big stone on the right is identified on the back of the glass plate as belonging to John Greene.
Wetlands (Item)
  • Image shows an unidentified body of water and wetlands. Row boats are on the ground near the water in background. VM013_FIC0643, is a reproduction of this image in the Rhode Island Photograph Collection.
Comstock Spring
  • Image shows a natural spring among rock formations. A plant grows in the foreground. VM013_FIC0650 is a reproduction in the Rhode Island Photograph Collection.