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Boats at Pier
  • Boats at Pier
  • Boats, Ferries, Piers & wharves, Ships
  • Image shows ships and boats docked at a pier. A ferry is approaching the pier. Passengers are visible waiting on the pier. A restaurant with a sign for 50 cent dinners is on the right.
[Narragansett Pier]
  • [Narragansett Pier]
  • Buildings, Piers & wharves
  • View of building at Narragansett Pier, R.I.
State Pier fire
  • State Pier fire
  • Disasters, Fires, Piers & wharves
  • Firefighters at State Pier spraying water on a flaming building.
Elm Street Pier, Newport
  • Elm Street Pier, Newport
  • Boats, Harbors, Piers & wharves
  • Image shows Elm Street Pier in Newport RI. Figures are visible sitting on benches on the pier. Goat Island in Newport Harbor is in background.
Ann St. Pier, Newport
  • Ann St. Pier, Newport
  • Boats, Piers & wharves
  • Image shows the Ann Street Pier in Newport, RI. Boats are tied to the pier. the Newport Engineering Works and Rudder Station buildings are visible on land.
State Pier No.1, Providence
  • State Pier No.1, Providence
  • Crowds, Passengers, Piers & wharves
  • Image shows crowds gathered outside State Pier No. 1 on the Providence Harbor. A ferry is docked at the pier.
Steam Boat at Pier
  • Steam Boat at Pier
  • Boats, Piers & wharves, Steamboats
  • Image shows a small steamboat approaching a pier. The Captain of the steamboat is visible in the cabin. A person is kneeling on the pier in the foreground.
[Narragansett Pier]
  • [Narragansett Pier]
  • Building at Narragansett Pier, prior to 1938 hurricane.
Valantine's. Narragansett Pier, R.I.
  • Valantine's. Narragansett Pier, R.I.
  • Exterior view of Valantine's, Narragansett Pier, R.I.
Pier, Rocky Point
  • Pier, Rocky Point
  • Boats, Buildings, Harbors, Parks, People, Piers & wharves
  • Pier at Rocky Point in Warwick, R.I.
Fishing Piers, Ocean Drive, Newport
  • Fishing Piers, Ocean Drive, Newport
  • Boats, Oceans, Piers & wharves, Ships
  • Image shows the ruins of two fishing piers off of Ocean Drive. Ships and boats are in the water in background.
Narragansett Pier
  • Narragansett Pier
  • Disasters, Hurricanes, Piers & wharves, Ruins, Waterfronts
  • View of damage to a building at Narragansett Pier after a hurricane. Rocks and debris are seen on the sand in the foreground, and the building's foundation and shingles are damaged.