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Sailors with Flag
  • Image shows two sailors raising an American flag. Another sailor stands next the large flag post and plays a trumpet. Newport Harbor is visible in the background.
Destroyer Tender Puget Sound Decorated for Christmas
  • Image show the USS Puget Sound AD-38 decorated for Christmas. A Santa Claus statue is posed to appear like he s painting the number "8" on the side of the ship. Santa Claus stands on a suspended platform with a paint roller in one hand and a paint
Atlantic Fleet, Newport Change of Command Ceremony
  • Image shows a change of command ceremony on the USS Remey DD-699. Captain D.F. Francis speaks into a microphone as other US Navy officials stand near. Sailors walk on another ship in background. "Capt. D.F. Francis (r), Commander Destroyer
U.S. Naval Station Chapel, Newport; Built in 1906
  • Image shows the Newport Naval Station Chapel. A sign with times for Protestant and Catholic services is out front. A sailor stands under a sign pointing to chaplain's office on left side of the building. The brick church has a white cross on top