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Beauty Queen and Naval Officers
  • Image shows a beauty queen standing with an naval officer standing in the foreground watching cadets performing drills. A parking lot and the Naval War College campus are visible in the background.
Admiral Sims, War College, Newport
  • Image shows Naval officers including Admiral Sims seated in a car outside the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. Two additional men stand in street.
Beauty Queen and Naval Officers
  • Image shows a Beauty Queen hanging pendant flags on a pole with the help of a Naval Officer. The beauty queen wears a formal gown and a small tiara. A second officer stand behind them.
The Navy Indoctrinates Wave Officers
  • A Wave Officer wearing her uniform and dark gloves stands at a steering wheel. Attached note reads: "Taking a turn at the wheel during visit aboard the USS Cabot (CVL-28), is Ensign Jean List, student at the Officer Indoctrination Unit (W
Naval School Candidates Lodging
  • knows how to keep his personnel equipment and uniforms in a locker. OCSA (Apprentices) Edwin V.F. Knapul. of Berwyn, Ill. (Standing) and Nicholas C. Pappas, of Palo Alto Calif. find steel lockers in their room give the candidates an insight to officer's
Fire and Engine Room
  • . (standing left).".
U.S. Naval School Officer Candidate Administration Building
  • Image shows a man with two suitcases standing in front of the sign of the U.S. Naval School Officer Candidate Administration building. Back of photograph reads: "The Navy's Officer Candidate School at the Naval Training Base, Newport Rhode Island