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Tisdall's Market, Newport
  • 1903
  • Image shows man standing outside Tisdall's Market. Produce and other products are on display in store windows.
Buckley Block, Broadway at Oak Street, Newport
  • 1903
  • Image shows shops at corner of Broadway and Oak. Children stand in street and on sidewalk.
Fire Truck, Newport
  • 1903
  • Photograph shows three men standing around a steam pumper fire engine. Smoke is pouring from smokestack and water leaks from bottom of engine.
Edward Street, Newport
  • 1903
  • Image shows blacksmiths standing in front the Charles Stafford Blacksmith shop. A weather vanes sits atop the shop's roof.
Irish gathering
  • 1903
  • A large group of men and women in formal dress, standing, sitting, and lying in a field at a gathering for Irish Americans.
Oelricks (Oelrich) Estate, Kay Street
  • 1903
  • Image shows the Oelrich's Cottage on Kay Street. The cottage has three stores, a back tower and a large porch. A young woman stands in driveway in front of house.
De La Salle, Bellevue Ave, Newport
  • 1903
  • Image shows the front of De La Salle Academy facing Bellevue Ave. A man stands in front of the portico in front yard. A bicycle is leaned against a wrought iron fence.
Mumford School, Farewell Street, Newport
  • 1903
  • Image shows children standing around picket fence in front of the Mumford School. The school has front doors separated by a two story window.
St. Joseph's School, Touro Street, Newport
  • 1903
  • Image shows the St. Joseph's Hazard Memorial School facing Touro Street. Students stand in front of the front entrance. A statue of St. Joseph is on the top front of the building.
Thames Street, East Side Corner of Brewer Street, Newport
  • 1903
  • Image shows a building at the corner of Thames and Brewer Street. A figure walks on sidewalk along Thames Street. Building no longer stands.
Old Colony 12 "General Warren"
  • 1903
  • Image shows the New Haven railroad Old Colony 12 "General Warren" in Newport, RI. Railroad employees stand on the locomotive looking towards the photographer.
Providence Public Library, original children's department
  • 1903
  • Image shows the children's library in the Providence Public Library. Children read at long wooden tables as a librarian stands behind a desk surrounded by children.