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Three operetta actors
  • Photograph of three actors from the operetta "The Romany Maid" in costume. Two male characters, Dodo and Francois stand on either side of Pepita. Both men are dressed in elaborate military costumes. Pepita is wearing a Romani-inspired costume
General and Frau K
  • Image of to characters from the operetta "The Romany Maid." Seated on a bench is Frau Kirschwasserm who is wearing a dress with an ornate bodice and white apron. Standing next to the bench, leaning in towards Frau is General Goriot, dressed
Portrait of five actors from "The Romany Maid"
  • Image of five cast members in the operetta "The Romany Maid." The actors are standing in a line, clasping hands with one foot pointed. The characters represented are a Parisian heiress, a maid, an inn keeper and a military general.