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Unidentified railroad station with workers
  • Stereoview featuring men standing around a handcar on railroad tracks.
Teachers at Friends School (Moses Brown School)
  • Stereocard of Friend's School teachers on the school grounds. The front row consts of two seated men and two seated women. Eight fellow teachers stand behind them.
Southeast Bluffs
  • Stereocard featuring bluffs on Block Island. Three people stand atop the bluff overlooking the beach and ocean below.
Unidentified monument
  • Stereocard of an unidentified monument from a distance. Several people are standing at its base. The surrounding grounds are visible.
Unidentified railroad turntable
  • Stereoview featuring a railroad locomotive on a turntable. Two buildings are in the background. Several men are standing at the rear of the locomotive. Railroad tracks are in the foreground of the image.
Unidentified railroad station, “Washington”
  • Stereoview featuring a railroad station, Washington. A man is standing in the open doorway. A windmill with railroad signal is in the background.
Boys at Friends' School (Moses Brown School)
  • Stereocard of boys from the Friends' School, captured on the schools' grounds. The front row is seated with many students crossing their legs. A second row of students stands behind them. All the boys are wearing jackets, ties, and hats.
View of A & W Sprague's Store on Elmwood Ave.
  • Stereocard of the A. & W. Sprague Store on Elmwood Avenue in Providence. Four clerks appear, with one in the foreground standing against a counter. Fabrics hang from the ceiling, and folded textiles line the walls. A baby carriage can be seen
Westminster Street
  • Stereocard of Westminster Street in Providence. Business and storefronts line the cobblestoned street. A flag for Dr. F.A. Gay, Dentist, the Japan Switch Co.and a "fine" grocery are visible. Two men stand on the street next to two horse drawn
Market Square and What Cheer Building
  • Stereocard of Market Square in Providence. A few man stand in the street while a horse drawn trolley moves down the track. The What Cheer building is in the center of the image.
Roger Williams Monument in Roger Williams Park
  • Stereocard of the Roger Williams Monument at Roger Williams Park in Providence. The image is taken from a distance of the monument. The lawn on which the monument stands is featured including a bench, trees, walkways and and other flora.
President McKinley sits at the head of the Cabinet Desk
  • A stereocard of President McKinley and his cabinet around a table in the Cabinet Room. The table is cluttered with papers, books, and flowers. Five men are seated and four men are standing. All the men are in suits. The room is decorated