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Main dining room, Sharpe Refectory
  • Main dining room, Sharpe Refectory
  • Interiors, Refectories, Tile floors, Universities & colleges
  • View of students and faculty at tables in the main dining room at Sharpe Refectory. The square section in the background is the serving area; the dining area is arranged around it.
Fraternity dining room
  • Fraternities & sororities , Refectories, Universities & colleges
  • View of a fraternity dining room in Sharpe Refectory at Brown University. The room is full of students in suits seated at several round tables.
Hughes Court
  • HUGHES COURT. Hughes Court as seen through the archway of Wayland House. Hughes Court is named for Charles Evans Hughes, '81, Chief Justice of the United States, and Charles Evans Hughes, Jr., '09. Sharpe Refectory, seen in the background, is named
Fraternity section of quadrangle
  • VIEW OF ONE OF THE FRATERNITY SECTIONS of Brown's new 8 1/2-million-dollar quadrangle. The quadrangle, consisting of ten buildings, includes 17 fraternity sections, nine dormitory units and a refectory.
Quadrangle, Brown University
  • in position June 1, 1952, by Dr. Henry M. Wriston, Brown president. The stone was set in the wall of the large building in the upper left-hand corner of the Quadrangle, facing the street. The dedication party then moved through Hughes Court to Sharpe Refectory