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Sabin Tavern
  • Sabin Tavern
  • Buildings, Commercial facilities, Taverns (Inns)
  • Sabin Tavern seen from the opposite corner of the street.
Hoyle Tavern
  • Hoyle Tavern
  • Buildings, Commercial facilities, Hotels, Taverns (Inns)
  • Hoyle Tavern seen from the opposite side of the street.
Page 321, Church Street
  • Inns, Taverns, Taverns (Inns)
  • Sketch of the Whitehorse Tavern (1730) and photograph of the Pitts Head Inn
Old Tavern
  • Old Tavern
  • Photographic postcards, Postcards, Taverns (Inns)
  • Image of the Old Tavern in the Pawtuxet Village Neighborhood of Cranston, RI. The tavern has a large wrap around porch.
Page 60, Charlestown
  • Inns, Taverns (Inns), Trees
  • Images of General Stanton Inn and Wilcox Tavern
Mowry (Roger) Tavern
  • Mowry (Roger) Tavern
  • Buildings, Houses, Taverns (Inns)
  • Side view of Mowry Tavern, with other houses visible in the background. Two people are seen outside the building.
White Horse Tavern
  • White Horse Tavern
  • Historic sites, Taverns (Inns)
  • Images shows the exterior of the White Horse Tavern at the corner of Marlborough and Farewell Street.
Cornell Tavern, Scituate
  • Cornell Tavern, Scituate
  • Houses, Taverns (Inns)
  • Image shows the Cornell Tavern in Scituate, RI. The three story house has shingle siding and a covered front porch.
Page 544, West Greenwich
  • Farms, Taverns, Taverns (Inns)
  • Photograph of the Old Tavern at Wickaboxet Farms in West Greenwich
Page 546, West Greenwich
  • Highways, Houses, Taverns, Taverns (Inns)
  • Photographs of the Jonathan Ellis Tavern on Victory Highway
Page 431, Richmond
  • Churches, Stagecoaches, Taverns, Taverns (Inns), Trees
  • Clipping of photographs of the Richmond Six Principle Baptist Church (1723) and the Old Dawley Tavern and stage coach inn at Wyoming
Corner Marlborough and Farewell Streets, Newport
  • Houses, Streets, Taverns (Inns)
  • Image shows the White Horse Tavern and houses at the corner of Marlborough and Farewell Streets.