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Brownell & Field Co. truck
  • Brownell & Field Co. truck
  • Automobiles, Coffee, Signs (Notices), Trucks
  • Side view of a truck for Autocrat Coffee, with an open driver's seat.
Hope St. Line repair truck X-O
  • Hope St. Line repair truck X-O
  • Street railroad employees, Street railroads, Trucks
  • Image shows a Hope Street Line Repair Truck. Street Line repair workers are visible on top of the truck and on the ground, A street car is traveling on the street.
Wason double truck plow
  • Wason double truck plow
  • Image of a Wason double truck plow clearing snow from residential streets.
71 Jones 1893 Mansier trucks - light yellow
  • 71 Jones 1893 Mansier trucks - light yellow
  • Image shows a Jones 1893 Mansier Trucks street car, Eddy Street number 71.
Fire truck
  • Fire truck
Farmland (Item)
  • Farming, Farms, Tractors, Trucks
  • Image shows two farmers driving tractors on a farm. A dump truck is in the right of photograph.
Northam Lane, Newport; Swift Building
  • Buildings, Dump trucks, Parking lots, Trucks
  • Image shows a dump truck parked behind the Swift Building. The passenger side door of the truck is open.
Blackstone River flood, buisness and residential area
  • Buildings, Disasters, Floods, Mills, Trees, Trucks
  • Image shows buildings and a truck in flood water.
Street cleanup, Woonsocket. Blackstone River flood
  • Floods, Mud, Plows, Residential streets, Trucks
  • Image shows truck plowing mud in residential street.
Blackstone River flood, flood damage, business section, Woonsocket
  • Buildings, Debris, Disasters, Floods, Garages, Trucks
  • Image shows truck and garage in flood waters.
Railway Express Agency, Inc; Marlborough Street
  • Buildings, Garages, Trucks
  • Image shows Railway Express Agency delivery trucks parked outside the Railway Express Agency.
Metropolitan Cleaners; Thames Street
  • Cleaning establishments, Truck drivers, Stores & shops
  • Image shows two delivery drivers posing next to their Metropolitan Cleaners delivery trucks. Metropolitan French Cleaners & Fancy Dyers is in background.