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Tree with utility pole
  • Tree with utility pole
  • Buildings, Houses, Stone walls, Tree, Utility poles
  • Image of tree without leaves atop a grassy area above a stone wall. A utility pole is to the left of the tree. Several houses or other structures appear in the background.
Road (Item)
  • Roads, Utility poles
  • Image is heavily damaged and blurred and shows utility lines running along a road.
Unidentified house
  • Houses, Stone walls, Streets, Utility poles
  • Image of the front of an unidentified house. There are no adjacent houses. A utility pole is installed to the left of house. A stone wall and walkway are also to the left of the house.
Shot tower behind old Aquidneck Mill, Thames Street
  • Mills, Streets, Utility poles
  • Image shows Aquidneck Mill center. Shot tower is center background. A large telephone/utility pole is center in front of mill.
East Shore Road, Jamestown; North from North Road
  • Roads, Snow, Trees, Utility poles
  • Image shows East Shore Road. Snow lays on ground on either side of road. A speed limit sign is posted on a utility pole. Houses are visible through bare tree branches in background right of photograph.
162 Transit
  • A three-quarter view of two houses with a garage in-between . A utility pole is outside the garage.
87 Transit
  • Image of the front entrance of a house taken from across the street. A utility pole with a street sign is visible in front of the building.
89 Power
89 Power (Item)
  • Image of houses along a residential street. The house in the foreground has a columned portico and a dark-colored picket fence. A utility pole with a no parking sign is center in the frame.
House on Swan Ave
  • Houses, Utility poles
Chepachet Mill 1814
  • Mills, Utility poles
Canonchet. Mill 1870
  • Architectural elements, Mills, Stone buildings, Utility poles
Building (Item)
  • Balustrades, Buildings, Dirt roads, Porches, Roads, Utility poles
  • Image shows a two story building at the turn of a dirt road. Balustrades enclose the roof of the building. Utility line run along the road. Wooden barrels sit next to the front portico of the building. Original box label reads "[illeg.] Price