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Water Tank, north of Pascoag
  • Water Tank, north of Pascoag
  • Railroad tracks, Water towers
  • Image shows a water tank on the Providence and Springfield Line, north of the Burrillville village of Pascoag. A train is passing by on the tracks in front of the water tower. Men stand around the train on both sides of the tracks.
Airview of Hamilton Mill Village. Houses and buildings from c. 1825
  • Aerial photographs, Fields, Housing, Mills, Roads, Villages, Water, Water tanks < Storage tanks, Water towers
Providence &amp; Spring Field RR
  • Image shows a locomotive traveling on the Providence & Springfield Railroad Pascoag Extension. A spring fed double water tank is next to the tracks.
Woonsocket. Below Woonsocket Falls Mill including original 4 stories of Bartlett Mill. 1847
  • Bridges, Buildings, Industrial facilities, Mansard roofs, Rocks, Smokestacks, Towers, Water, Water tanks < Storage tanks
Sullivan&#039;s Coal Yard Showing Fuel Oil Tanks, etc.
  • Sullivan's Coal Yard Showing Fuel Oil Tanks, etc.
  • Fuel tanks, Garages, Gas industry, Parking lots, Shops & stores
  • Image shows fuel and oil tanks in center left and garage in center of photograph. An overgrown parking lot in foreground and center right. Shops along Thames are in background.
Sullivan&#039;s Coal Yard Showing Fuel Oil Tanks, etc.
  • Sullivan's Coal Yard Showing Fuel Oil Tanks, etc.
  • Image shows Fuel tanks in center left of photograph. Writing on fuel tanks read: Mobilheat and Joseph F. Sullivan Fuel. Abandoned buildings with broken windows are in background.
Fire and Engine Room
  • . With a cut-away chart as a visual aid, Boilerman First Class Joseph R. Wilson, of Coskocton, Ohio, explains the operation of water feeding tank in the engine rooms to the sailors following a question by OCS apprentice Thomas B. Dullman of Wilmetts, Ill
Providence Gas Co.
  • Aerial views, Fuel tanks, Gas industry
  • Aerial photo of the Providence Gas Company plant on Allens Avenue in Providence, Rhode Island. Tanks and smoke stacks scatter the ground below.
Filling in for Added Land in Redevelopment Area
  • Construction, Fuel tanks, Harbors, Ice, Piers & wharfs
Narragansett Pier RR No.38
  • Image shows a train with fish oil tanks near the Wakefield Branch Plant in Peace Dale, RI.
Mechanical Fabric Company
  • Photograph of the Mechanical Fabric Company, established in 1889, taken from some height. The physical photograph may have been penciled along the lines of the building and shaded in the windows. A tall tank stands next to the buildings of the mill
America&#039;s Cup Race, &#039;Courageous&#039;
  • Image shows workers building steel hull of the Courageous inside a building. "Courageous was lofted at Minneford's Yacht Yard in City Island, New York. Subassemblies were prefrabricated and then welded together -- which is why the tanks