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  • Image shows the yacht Enterprise in water during the 1930 America's Cup race. A few crew members are visible on board.
Shamrock V - Jerry Rig - coming over
  • Image shows the silhouette of the Shamrock V in water.
America's Cup yachts - Vanitie - C3, Vagrant - C7
  • Image shows two yachts Vanitie and Vagrant in the water during an America's Cup race. A third ship is behind Vagrant. Crews are on decks of both ships. A circle is drawn on photograph.
Endeavour II, Deck scene, Capt. Williams at wheel
  • Image shows sailors on board the Endeavour II during the America's Cup race. In foreground two sailors lay across deck, in ceter, Captain Williams stands at the helm. two ships can are in the water in the background.