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Page 419, Well Street
  • Page 419, Well Street
  • Image of the house at 71 Well Street
  • Children, Houses, Wells, Women
  • Image shows people gathering water from a well. A woman and child stand near the well. Another woman holds a pail and smiles at the photographer. Houses are in the background.
Navy Department orders
  • Welles, Gideon, 1802-1878
  • Welles-96
Wells Street
  • Wells Street
House (Item)
  • Houses, Wells, Yards
  • Image shows a large house with clapboard siding. A stone well is in the yard.
South Well
  • South Well
  • Scene of a man in jacket and top hat holding a cup to his mouth in front of the South Well at Brown university. The well is a small roofed structure attached to a wall, with a fountain attached to its side.
Page 420, Well Street
  • Page 420, Well Street
  • View of Well Street and its 18th century houses from the Boys' Club headquarters
Cole Farm
  • View of a well, grindstone, and fence under a tree at Cole Farm.
Man on Weybosset Street
  • Portrait of a well-dressed man with mutton chops on the sidewalk of Weybosset Street.
Page 140, Foster Street
  • Fences, Houses, Trees, Walls, Wells
  • Images of house at 12 Foster Street, including the well at north wall
N.Y. World's Fair
  • Exhibitions, Government officials, Hydraulic facilities, Wells
  • Governor John H. Chafee and Leonard Panaggio at the New York World's Fair, posing with a replica of a bucket and a stone well at the Rhode Island exhibit.
316 Benefit
  • Photograph of a clapboard home on benefit Street in Providence, Rhode Island as it is snowing. The house across the cross street is visible as well.