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Page 132, Broad Street
  • photographs
  • Photograph of Trinity Church and postcard with an image of St. Joseph's Hospital
Page 145, Old Barrington Road
  • photographs
  • Photograph of Arnold House on Old Barrington Road, a black and white clipping, and photo postcard of the Pomham Lighthouse.
Page 194, Killingly Road; Hartford Avenue
  • photographs
  • Photograph of house on Killingly Road and postcard with drawing of Waterman House, built about 1700 and located near Hartford Avenue
Page 318, Newport
  • photographs
  • Photograph of Hammersmith Farm and postcard of Cliff Lawn Manor, the entrance to the Cliff Walk
Page 466, South Kingstown
  • photographs
  • Photograph of the Carpenter-Potter house and a postcard of the Old Kingston Inn
Page 409, Pawtucket
  • photographs
  • Photograph and postcard of the Pidge Tavern, also known as "Mr. Sayles' Tavern"
Page 71, Providence
  • photographs
  • Photograph of the site of the Hospital Trust building and postcard of the "skyscrapers" and Banjotti Memorial Fountain in Depot Park
Page 78, Exchange Place
  • photographs
  • Postcards and photographs of prominent buildings in Exchange Place, including the Biltmore Hotel, City Hall, and the Federal Building
Page 124, Broad Street
  • photographs
  • Postcard and photograph of the YMCA building on Broad Street (bottom dated 1951)
Page 138, Broad Street
  • photographs
  • Photograph of house at 671 Broad Street, postcard depicting the Calvary Baptist Church, and clipping with image of Washington Park Grammar School
Page 147, Broadway
  • photographs
  • Photographs of 514 Broadway and St. James' Church and postcard of St. Mary Church
Page 71, Benefit Street
  • photographs
  • Photograph of Hoppin House and Christmas card depicting its exterior